VOIP Billing Solutions

Communication has become an integral part of all enterprises today. To facilitate production processes, staffs communicate among themselves from different sites in the world using IP (Internet Protocol) network. But if they must communicate to their customers or partners who are out of their IP network, they must link their communication platform through a voice gateway to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or PSTN(Public Switch Telephone Network) of any mobile operator. This is usually done through subscription plans and the financial impacts must be understood.

Skype for business (SfB), previously known as Microsoft Lync 2013 presents a holistic and cost-effective TOIP platform for communications and collaboration among employees, including direct inwards dialing’s (DIDs) and direct outwards dialing’s (DODs). The varieties of features of SfB are the reasons why enterprises are gradually migrating from traditional TOIP (Telephony over Internet Protocol) /VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication platforms to using SfB.  To effectively control the use of network resources and hence reducing expenses, there is a need for a Monitoring or billing system. This is a challenge for all enterprises using the on-premise version of SfB and who consider telecommunications as an integral part of their businesses for effective productivity because employees turn to misuse the services, thereby increasing monthly expenses and reducing performance.

Are you using MS SfB and wondering how to implement a billing system on it?  Don’t worry!  Our implementation uses an Asterisk-based billing system (A2Billing) to get a Realtime billing solution running on your Skype for business on-premise. We do this implementation at an affordable price.

Below is our architecture!