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Computers play a major part of our social and much more professional lives. Government Institutions, Companies as well as individuals rely on these systems for their day to day functioning. these computer systems range from simple Desktops, laptops, mini servers to more complicated large servers. These systems contain data which should be handled with care and to a certain extend with a lot of confidentiality. finding trusted and well trained people to handle these systems for installations and maintenance is usually a nightmare to some people, companies and government structures . It is here that GLODIPART sets. We offer Computer System maintenance with great professionalism and follow-up. We have a well trained, skillful and experienced team of engineers who have been doing this job for  many years . We handle both software and hardware issues. Beyond maintenance we do install these systems for our clients. All our services are at affordable prices.


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Software solutions

  • Are you having issue unable to comfortably  use your computer?
  • Do you need to change your OS or want to dual boot your system?
  • Are curious to learn more about computer and become a computer literate?

           You need not worry any longer. Glodipart has a great package for you. We offer a plethora of software related services such as;

  1. Computer formatting
  2. Operating system repair.
  3. Virus removal.
  4. Installation of state of the act antivirus.
  5. Network ( LAN & WIfi)  troubleshooting and fixing.

Hardware solutions

  1. Repair of keyboard.
  2. Repair hard drive related problems.
  3. Repair Screen Problems.
  4. Repair Speaker and Mic Problems.


 We are the best in the domain, we can assist you in buying your computer according to your need and budget and also offer repair Services. fill the form below and let us know what service you request from us and we will get back to you in 24 H Max.

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